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Manufacturing Integrity Partners (MIP) got its start since 2005 when Sheng Deng created deep manufacturing expertise around in several industries, and begin manufacturing high-end, high-quality biometric locks for Tychi Systems, Inc.  Those locks are still on the market, with a greatly expanded product offering.

MIP has learned that many U.S. companies face similar issues:

  • Cultural differences, regional idiosyncrasies, and language barriers become too costly to manage and overcome
  • Official Rules & Regulations are unrealistic, and officials often do not acknowledge their completion
  • No network in China to help navigate process, and provide personal recommendations
  • Quality standards decline with time, and IP security is non-existent
  • Lack of transparency creates high risk and high uncertainty
  • Time spent managing logistics significantly eats away at cost savings

In essence, U.S. businessmen often are baffled by a pseudo-capitalistic business environment within the elusive communistic state of China - such is the role of Government in China, which is aptly summarized thus:  "The Government is everywhere and nowhere.  They pretend to preach and we pretend to listen."

The founding partners, having implemented US-China international arrangements with success, teamed up with others equally adept at Chinese relationships and formed what is now Manufacturing Integrity Partners (MIP).  Our mission is simple and powerful:  Help U.S. firms do things in China the way we would do those same things here in the US. 

Manufacturing Integrity Partners has become a leader in helping U.S. organizations of all sizes take full advantage of the favorable manufacturing conditions found in China, but with U.S. standards for product quality and for IP security. 

MIP has a close network of family and friends that helps us bring the best pricing, the highest quality services, and the best IP security to our clients – all of the time. 

MIP senior management regularly travels to China for 3-6 months at a time to provide constant oversight and control of your manufacturing needs.  We have QA teams that are dedicated to monitoring quality during the production process, and during the packaging process so that we always know what materials are being used in production, and what the final product looks like as it is packaged.  We are able to inspect individual units if required, and we can put your own labels, or pieces of literature inside individual unit packaging.

MIP has years of experience with shipping goods from China to the United States, so will manage the logistics of getting your products to your doorstep at no additional cost.  We act as your local manufacturing partner, so that your time is not consumed with manufacturing and logistics. 



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