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Case Studies

Below you will find Case Studies on various projects MIP has worked on in the past.  For any specific questions about a case study, please call or email MIP. 

CASE: Small Environmental Company Sought Expansion into China
A small environmental company in Boston, MA wanted to reach the huge market in China for their products but lacked the resources to set up a national presence and offices in China.

They saw what Manufacturing Integrity Partners had done for a small company in New Hampshire and approached MIP for help.  They had some vague requirements in mind but not being familiar with customs and payroll procedures in China, relied on MIP for guidance.  The consensus was to find the right executive manager who knew the environmental market and understood their product strategy.

Finding a high level, qualified, candidate was expected to be difficult, but through our broad network of contacts in China, we found over twenty candidates within two weeks and organized interviews within a month in China, including arrangements for travel and interpreters.

Besides helping retain a key executive, we also hired an English-speaking administrative assistant for day-to-day operations at the office who could also be used in the future as a travel guide/interpreter for travel around China.

Qualifications for the Manager of Environment Company were as follows:

  • Educational background or degree in environmental engineering or related fields.
  • Experience overseeing, directing or managing technical projects, particularly in environmental fields such as water, wastewater, air, hazardous materials, pollution issues or related.
  • Experience in environmental due diligence, remediation, assessments or audits.
  • Minimum of 5 years experience in project management including scheduling and budgeting.  conducting client interactions
  • Strong written and oral communication skills is mandatory - Bilingual skills is not mandatory but would be beneficial
  • Strong problem solving skills, and the ability to manage multiple tasks in a fast-paced environment. Familiarity with MS Office Suite.
  • Able to travel

CASE: Family Business Needed Fast Customized Short-Run Manufacturing
John L.  headed up a family-owned business in Wisconsin manufacturing promotional items used as corporate gifts.  They customized items in production runs of a few thousand items.  Their ability to do fast customizing and short runs by producing in the US had been key to their success.  But competing items from China had been eroding their business.

Not knowing how to outsource to China, and being too small a company to budget trips to China, John came to Sino Management.  We understood their requirements, including short runs of high quality products and tight schedules, and not only found the right producers in China but directly manage the production.  John reviews projects with us in English; we give him price quotes and deliveries that are keeping him in business.

John now competes on quality and price based on costs in China but without the hassles of outsourcing themselves. 

CASE: Fast Specialized Sourcing Needed
A small handbag company in Boston had an urgent need for certain fabrics crucial for their line of handbags that were unexpectedly discontinued by their normal source.  None of their regular suppliers were able to find the fabrics they needed desperately even though everyone knew somewhere in the expanse of China the particular fabric existed.  They contacted us and within three weeks we were able to located and secure a supply of the exact fabric.  Further, we also negotiated with the sources to meet the company's cost target.


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